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Insanity Wakeboard Pylon

The Insanity Wakeboard Pylon is a revolutionary way to simply add a tow rope attachment point to your boat.

We get it, not all boats are perfectly set up with Wakeboard Towers, ballast tanks, and wedges.  This shouldn’t stop you from getting all of the benefits of an elevated rope attachment point.

This is EXACTLY why the Insanity Wakeboard Pylon was created. It is designed to fit seamlessly, with no drilling, into boats that are otherwise not designed for pulling wakeboarders.  Turn a bass boat, cabin cruiser, or even a pontoon boat into a wakeboard boat with ease.

Is your garage too short for a dedicated wakeboard tower? The Insanity Wakeboard Pylon is EIGHT feet tall when in use, but stows in minutes into it’s optional carrying case.

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Insanity Water Ski Pylon

The Insanity Water Ski Pylon will be your boat’s best friend this summer.

The seven foot tall pylon mounts into your boat with our patented, strap based anchor system.

Have a boat with an outboard motor?  You’ve likely found that finding an adequate ski tow bar for outboards is a little on the difficult side.  The Insanity Water Ski Pylon is the perfect solution to add a rope attachment point to those boats that aren’t geared for skiing.

The Insanity Water Ski Pylon excels in these applications:

  • Ski Pole for Bass Boats
  • Ski Tow Bar for Pontoon Boats
  • Ski Pylon for Outboard Boats

You will love the new family fun in the sun activities you can enjoy because of your Insanity Water Ski Pylon.

Easy to deploy… Easy to remove…

Made in the USA

Since the Insanity Pylon is made in the USA, we can custom fit our pylon to any situation.  Think you have a unique boat setup?  Send us an e-mail!  We would love to see how we can help.

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