8′ Insanity PRO Wakeboard Pylon

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Insanity Pro Wakeboard Pylon

The Pro-Series Insanity Wakeboard Pylon is similar to our shorter Insanity Wakeboard Pylon except that the Insanity PRO Wakeboard Pylon includes even longer sections that makes this Wakeboard Pylon a monstrous EIGHT feet tall for the wakeboarders looking to take their inverts, spins, and grabs to the next level!

PRO STRENGTH: It also includes not one, but TWO of our forward ratcheting straps to greatly increase stability and nearly DOUBLE the towing capacity for those aggressive cuts to the wake and hard double-up landings. (The Pro-Strength upgrade is already included in this product)

This removable wakeboard tower has four stainless steel rings: two points for towing (one at 8 feet and one at 7 feet), plus additional points for rigging.

More features include a universal base, two stainless steel snap hooks (for the wakeboard rope), stainless steel carabiners, straps, and pole covers!

This wakeboard pylon includes everything you need to set this up on your boat and hit the water!


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The Insanity PRO Wakeboard Pylon standard width for for the base is 2 feet wide (other substitute bases between 12-36″ are also available).

The Insanity Wakeboard Pylon is a great no-drill, removable solution for a wakeboard tower for pontoon boats, wakeboard tower for bass boats, and wakeboard pole for outboards.  It can be removed in minutes by a single person.

This base model pylon is designed for freshwater.  For harsh saltwater conditions, select the Saltwater Safe Upgrade to add appropriate stainless steel upgrades and be ready for any conditions.

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Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 10 × 10 in
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